In the year 1975 the company BMT MESSTECHNIK DR.-ING. FRANZ WALLNER was founded in Berlin. In 1979 the company changed its form and now became BMT MESSTECHNIK GMBH. The founder formerly had worked on the field of automotive research (man-machine system research), and on the development of artificial hearts. The young company has developed and manufactured instruments, namely electronic devices, for heart and circulatory research. It has made the first successful control system for automatically adapting the pump action of a total, two-chambered, artificial heart to the needs of the circulation.

In 1981 we have developed the ONKOMETER BMT 921, a membrane osmometer for measuring the colloid osmotic pressure of the human blood, or plasma, which received patents all over the world. The instrument is used namely in intensive care. In 1995 we introduced the successor, the ONKOMETER BMT 923, which is used namely during open heart surgery. Another important branch of our little company had to do with strain gauges: We have made several types of DC bridge amplifiers for strain gauges and for strain gauge transducers which have been used in thousands of applications.

In 1984 we started development of a UV photometer for measuring the concentration of technically generated ozone in air or in oxygen. In 1989 our OZONE ANALYZER BMT 961 in a small DIN enclosure was offered on the market with very good success, followed by a Cabinet version for use in rough environments in 1990. In 1995 we offered the successor OZONE ANALYZER BMT 963 which was one of the most advanced instruments of its kind at that time. From 1999 we started to sell our low concentration OZONE MONITOR BMT 930 for measuring ambient ozone concentration.

The first measurement of ozone in ultra-pure water was offered with our OZONE-IN-WATER SENSOR BMT 963 AQ in 1996. The instrument is used in the semiconductor industry for advanced ozone processes during manufacturing of integrated circuits. Already in 1993, we had started delivery of our OZONE ANALYZER BMT 590, the first ozone photometer commercially available which is operating with visible light, produced by an LED. The instrument has been developed namely for the application in medical ozone therapy devices. In 2002 the OZONE ANALYZER BMT 964 with complete internal Diagnostics accompanied by Windows software has followed the model BMT 963. The improved OZONE ANALYZER BMT 965 with life-time logging and diagnostic capabilities followed in 2020.

Instruments for ozone measurement are our most important products now. We have made almost twenty thousand ozone photometers.

Since 1992, our sophisticated range of ozone products includes small, air cooled, ozone generators. The OZONE GENERATORs BMT 802 and BMT 803 are used in many applications in which only a few grams of ozone per hour are needed. As far as we know, they are the first air cooled ozone generators which can produce an ozone concentration of more than 250 g/Nm3.

From the beginning, we have been continuously working on the development of accessory instruments for ozone measurement. Our customers need not only sample gas filters and pumps, flow meters and ozone catalysts. In off-gas applications of our ozone analysers removal of water vapor is necessary to avoid condensation. Already in 1994, we developed our first Peltier-cooled Sample Gas Dehumidifier DH3, a very simple device for removing water vapor from a sample gas without affecting the ozone.

Although being a small company, BMT MESSTECHNIK GMBH has earned worldwide recognition and a reputation for building high quality and reliable, long-lasting instruments for ozone measurement and ozone generation, for scientific and industrial applications.

For us, the improvement of a product does not end with its start of production.