June 2020

Stahnsdorf, Germany – BMT 965, the new series of high concentration ozone analysers and sensors from BMT, is suited to a wide range of applications for the measurement of ozone in gas and ozone in clean water. The well-proven characteristics of the successful BMT 964 series were retained to meet copy exact requirements:

  • same size
  • same signal behaviour
  • same gas and water port fittings
  • same power configurations and consumption
  • same models – BMT 965 ST (Standard), BMT 965 BT (Bench Top), BMT 965 C (Cabinet),
    BMT 965 AQ, BMT 965 AQ/HF, BMT 965 AQ-LC (In-Water Sensor), BMT 965 OG (Off-Gas)
  • cTUVus NRTL safety certification for BMT 965 C and BMT 965 OG and certification for operation for ballast management on ships (USCG 46 CFR 162.060-30) for BMT 965 C

The BMT 965 includes decades of experience with ozone photometers and their application as well as some remarkable innovative features:

Lifelong Data Logging: The BMT 965 incorporates an industrial grade 8 GB microSD card, allowing practically lifelong logging of diagnostic and concentration data. The time interval to log the concentration data is configurable in a wide range. The data on the internal memory card can be easily downloaded to a connected USB flash drive or accessed by a computer via USB. The concentration data log can also be stored in CSV file format and can be easily visualised and processed with common spreadsheet programs e.g. MS Excel. No additional driver software has to be installed.

Diagnostics and Remote Diagnostics: The BMT 965 Link software is stored on the instrument and can be run from the memory card on a Windows computer without previous installation. The intuitive BMT 965 Link software offers versatile diagnostic, parameterization, visualization, documentation and options. The Teamviewer software – also stored on the instrument and can also be run form the memory card on a Windows computer without previous installation – enables remote diagnostics capabilities via internet if the computer connected to the instrument via USB.

In-Field Firmware Upgrade: The BMT 965 firmware can be updated in the field by connecting a USB flash drive containing the new firmware with new features, functionalities and fixes. If available, new firmware will be published on the BMT website.

Easy Installation: Now the power and signal cables for the BMT 965 C and BMT 965 OG enter the instrument via cable glands and are connected to the instrument screw terminals. Soldering the signal connector and assembling the mains connector is no longer necessary. However, adapters for compatibility with the existing BMT 964 cabling setups can be provided on request.

Communication Interfaces: Modbus/TCP is a new option available for some models. Modbus RTU and RS-232 is alternatively available.

The BMT 965 features make this instrument the choice for precise high concentration ozone measurement application, offering the proven BMT quality and reliability.

These instruments are designed and manufactured in Germany and will be available from 1st of October 2020. For more information please refer to the datasheets on our website, or contact your local BMT representative.

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For North & Central America, China, Japan, Korea and Pacific Rim Countries contact:
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