controlled ozone breathing for medical and pharmaceutical research

The BMT OZONE EXPOSURE SYSTEM OES 1.0 for controlled ozone breathing has been developed for COPD drug profiling. Two subjects can breathe air with a precisely controlled ozone content to be preset between 100 and 400 ppbv, and precisely controlled humidity. The desired result is artificially induced airway inflammation, and induced sputum.

The successor BMT OZONE EXPOSURE SYSTEM OES 1.1 is based on the experiences made with the OES 1.0 (photo). The most important feature of the OES 1.1 is two-channel inspiratory pneumotachometry for both subjects. The pneumotachometers continuously measure the mass flow rate of the inspired air/ozone. For each subject the average inspired air/ozone (per minute) is calculated and displayed, and additionally the total inspired air/ozone from the beginning of the experiment. This important information now provides the prerequisite for (comparable results) of ozone breathing experiments performed by different researchers at different places on earth.

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