22. Feb 2018

New Sample Gas Dryer

The new Sample Gas Dehumidifier DH6 is the successor of the widely used DH5. It is fully compatible with the DH5.

The DH6 features a self-lit LED display which shows the actual internal temperature of the Peltier-cooled tube, and it can display seven different messages of eventual instrument errors. The display is also used to set the setpoint temperature of the Peltier cooler (with a potentiometer inside the electronic control box).


1. Okt 2015


The AOS 2 is a portable source of ozonated air for comparing two ozone monitors with each other, or comparing an ozone sensor with an ozone monitor as a reference. A constant flow of 3 l/min is provided by an internal air pump. The ozone content of this ozonated air can be set from approx. 20 ppbv to more than 1000 ppbv (0.020 ppmv to 1 ppmv).

28. Aug 2014

Ozone Cracking, Rubber Cracking

New Ozone Monitor displays the ozone partial pressure (mPa) according to DIN ISO 1431-1 and ANSI D 1149-07

The OZONE MONITOR BMT 932 now is available with a second display showing the partial pressure of the ozone in millipascal (mPa). It is calculated from the ozone content in ppmv (parts per million, volume by volume) and the pressure inside the test chamber. This pressure is measured via a thin tubing leading the pressure from the chamber to the OZONE MONITOR BMT 932.

At a given and constant ozone concentration (ppmv) the ozone partial pressure (mPa) can be significantly different if the ozone tests are made at places with different geodesic heights and at different weather conditions. Between e.g. Hamburg and Munich differences could be 10%, and between Los Angeles and Mexico City they could even be 25%.

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